How Aus HPA helped me to clear the AMC Clinical exam in my first attempt

19 Nov 2017

How Aus HPA helped me to clear the AMC Clinical exam in my first attempt


When I started my AMC clinical exam preparation, all I heard about the exam from others was that “it is a tough exam and the pass rate is very low.” After reading the available notes and doing recalls, I realised that gaining knowledge was not the difficult part, but what mattered most was demonstrating the acquired knowledge on the exam day.

That was precisely where Aus HPA helped me.

Aus HPA’s two-day AMC OSCE crash course consisted of role plays of the basic ‘must know’ topics, in which we got an excellent feedback of what’s right and what was lacking in our performances, with a marking scheme of what was expected. It was well individualized, and each participant got a feedback to work on. At the end of two days, I learned how to calm myself down, take a history more efficiently, examine with ease and empathise in any situation. I picked up many crucial aspects  such as time management, how to prioritise common differentials, how to listen & get information out of patients.The course was conducted in a very non-threatening and encouraging manner.

During the exam, I could realise what I learned from those two days, and I was able to build a good rapport with the role players which put me at ease. I passed the exam in my first attempt, and this course helped me to achieve that without a doubt.

I would highly recommend this well-structured course to anyone who is preparing for the clinical exam, to gain insight into their performance and to do their best at the exam. Knowledge is easily accessible but how to stand out as a competent doctor needs that little extra push which Aus HPA offers.

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