Australian Health Practitioners Academy (Aus HPA) has been created with the aim of providing high-quality professional education to health practitioners who aspire to enhance their career to greater heights. The institution is the result of relentless passion for education and training shared by our team.

Aus HPA offers a wide range of short courses to accelerate your career progress, including Australian Medical Council (AMC) exam courses.”

 Why Aus HPA ? 

  • Course facilitators at Aus HPA are qualified medical professionals with strong clinical experience working in the Australian healthcare ecosystem.
  • Each facilitator is a specialist in his/her own field.
  • Aus HPA’s courses throw light on key skills such as appropriate time management, effective communication and optimal doctor patient rapport.
  • The course group size would be small to provide sufficient practice to cater one’s specific learning needs.
  • Participants would be provided with specific feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

Aus HPA’s team firmly believes that the cornerstone of success is hard work, supported by optimal guidance from experienced professionals. Aus HPA is committed to be a stepping stone in your efforts to realise your dreams.

Together we can make it possible!