Dr Nicholas is a clinically sound and capable clinician who has demonstrated in his work at Forensicare a solid commitment to the mentoring and support of psychiatry trainees, in particular those who come to us as international medical graduates. I am pleased to commend Dr Nicholas for his new venture as Founder of the “Australian Health Practitioners Academy”, a programme committed to providing high quality professional education.

Dr Douglas Bell, Director of Clinical Services (Prisons), Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health

With his vast experience working in health care sector in different countries, including India, Singapore and Australia, Dr Jerome Nicholas has acquired in-depth knowledge in exam curriculums and cultural competency. He has great passion for training and education, and is committed to deliver high quality training to health professionals through Aus HPA.

Dr Jeremy Resnick, Clinical Director, Community Forensic Mental Health Services, NSW

Dr Jerome Nicholas has excellent knowledge in Medicine and is a specialist in Psychiatry. I would highly recommend his services as a benefit to course participants. IMGs are in safe hands with training expertise of Dr Jerome Nicholas.

Dr Rajesh Jacob, Senior Consultant Psychiatrist, Head of Prison Services, Singapore

Dr Aarthy Joseph has good clinical knowledge, and having done well in her Australian Medical Council Exams, I am confident that she would be able to provide excellent course materials for development of Aus HPA courses.

Dr Bob Soh, Chief Operating Officer, Cardiora